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Bring your family and children along and join in the fun! 
There are many FREE & FUN events & activities open for all the community in Northern Suburbs Launceston & George Town!


collective groups

The Kanamaluka Collective has established a new working advisory group and sprint groups to implement strategic objectives to increase the health and educational outcomes for Aboriginal children and their families who reside within the Northern Sububs Launceston and George Town areas.

Aboriginal Advisory Group

Comprised of Aboriginal community members, this group provides guidance and advice on cultural matters, ensuring that the programs and initiatives are culturally safe, appropriate and respectful.


sprint Group

A sprint group is a team or a collection of individuals who work together to complete a specific project or goal within a defined time frame.  They collaborate closely to plan, execute, and deliver the work within the sprint duration, which is typically four-six weeks in duration.

The Collective sites adopt a cohesive approach, aiming to build community capacity and establish a sustainable, integrated, and aligned service system. They use data from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) and Kindergarten Data Census (KDC) to inform their work, making data-driven decisions and tracking progress towards their objectives

 Kanamaluka Collective

The Kanamaluka/River Tamar and Kinimathatakinta/George Town areas hold rich cultural significance for the Palawa people as they have been walking and inhabiting these lands for thousands of years.

The deep connection to the land for the Palawa people continues today and these lands & rivers are rich in cultural heritage, containing stories, customs, identity and connections to our past.  

The Kanamaluka Collective plays a crucial role in supporting the community, children, and families to have a voice and support the education and development of future generations.


 The Kanamaluka Collective is passionate and driven to provide access to resources, culturally safe early years services & support, and opportunities to empower the community and improve community outcomes.

Kanamaluka/River Tamar
Kinimathatakinta/George Town
Kanamaluka Collective
KINIMATHATAKINTA  GEORGE TOWN ningi & pakata Poster (3).png
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Bring your little ones and join in the fun! 
There are many FREE & FUN early years learning programs for children in the Northern Suburbs Launceston & George Town community!



Kutalayna Collective (8).png

Housing Choices Tasmania is a proud partner of Connected Beginnings and their aims to foster inclusion, learning experiences and better health for young families.  Keeomee and Tamara's efforts have resulted in well-organised events including the Kipli & Kani initiatives, which have given services the opportunity to work collaboratively, and best support our communities.

Ellen Maddick, Community Development Officer - Housing Choices Tasmania

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