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Journey to change

Connected Beginnings Lutruwita/Tasmania recognises the crucial role of early development in preconception, pregnancy, and the first five years of Aboriginal children.


Understanding that this period significantly impacts their health, well-being, and educational outcomes, we have embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance school readiness for our Aboriginal children.

The Kutalayna Collective has developed a visual illustration that serves as a shared agenda to guide and shape our work called Journey to Change.  This visual illustration represents how our Connected Beginnings program collaborates with services and the community to create positive change within the Kutalayna/Jordan River community.

To encompass our work with the Tasmanian government's vision to improve the well-being of our young people, we have strategically integrated the outcome streams of the Collective Plan and the well-being domains outlined in the Tasmanian Government's Child & Youth Wellbeing Strategy, It Takes a Tasmanian Village.

By integrating our efforts and aligning our objectives with the broader well-being strategy, we aim to create a comprehensive and cohesive approach to support the health, growth, social and educational development of Aboriginal children aged 0-5 years within our place-based sites across Tasmania.


This strategic alignment ensures that our initiatives are complementary and collectively contribute to the overall well-being and success of the children in our community.

Kutalayna Collective

The Collective sites adopt a cohesive approach, aiming to build community capacity and establish a sustainable, integrated, and aligned service system. They use data from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) and Kindergarten Data Census (KDC) to inform their work, making data-driven decisions and tracking progress towards their objectives.

Through the power of collaboration, shared vision, and strategic planning, Connected Beginnings Tasmania is dedicated to empowering our Aboriginal children, nurturing their potential, and laying a strong foundation for their future health and learning journey.   


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Connected Beginnings is realising an authentic place-based collective impact approach to ensure that Aboriginal children have the best start to life in Lutruwita/Tasmania. 


Through bringing the community, service providers, Government, and the Connected Beginnings team together we are developing a shared understanding of the priorities, opportunities and ways of working that ensures Aboriginal children and families are at the centre of all decisions and actions.

Nikki Brannigan - Community Data and Evaluation Officer, Burnie Works

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