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Bring your family and children along and join in the fun! 
There are many FREE & FUN events & activities open for all the community in the Brighton, Bridgewater, Herdsmans Cove & Gagebrook!


collective groups

The Kutalayna Collective has established several dedicated working groups, governance tables, advisory groups and sprint groups to implement strategic objectives to increase the health and educational outcomes for Aboriginal children and their families who reside within the Kutalayna/Jordan River area.

Some of these groups within the sites include:

Kutalayna Collective Table

This is the central body responsible for coordinating and overseeing the activities of the Kutalayna Collective.  It provides strategic direction and ensures collaboration among the different groups.


Early Years Action Group

This group focuses on early childhood development and works to create initiatives and programs that support the well-being and growth of Aboriginal children during their early years.

Aboriginal Advisory Group

Comprised of Aboriginal community members, this group provides guidance and advice on cultural matters, ensuring that the programs and initiatives are culturally safe, appropriate and respectful.


Community Group

This group represents the broader community and engages with community members to elevate the community's voice and gather feedback, ideas, and input regarding the collective's activities. 

The Community Group help ensure that the initiatives are responsive to community needs.

sprint Group

A sprint group is a team or a collection of individuals who work together to complete a specific project or goal within a defined time frame.  They collaborate closely to plan, execute, and deliver the work within the sprint duration, which is typically four-six weeks in duration.

The work of these groups is guided by the Collective Plan & Journey to Change, which serves as a framework for their activities. This plan emphasises lifelong learning for Aboriginal children and their families and acts as a reference document to ensure the collective's commitment to this goal.

The Collective sites adopt a cohesive approach, aiming to build community capacity and establish a sustainable, integrated, and aligned service system. They use data from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) and Kindergarten Data Census (KDC) to inform their work, making data-driven decisions and tracking progress towards their objectives

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The Kutalayna/Jordan River has been a part of this Country for thousands of years and is a significant cultural site for palawa people.


It provides a gathering place for celebrations, ceremonies, songs, trading, food, and everyday life.

We continue to live and work alongside the Kutalayna/Jordan River within its country to bring old and new together.


Using age-old practices of a place-based approach, the Kutalayna Collective community work together to support and turn our Aboriginal children’s hopes and dreams into reality.

Kutalayna/Jordan River
Kutalayna Mother's Group
Kutalayna School Holiday kipli & kani

Bring your little ones and join in the fun! 
There are many FREE & FUN early years learning programs for children in the Brighton, Bridgewater, Herdsmans Cove & Gagebrook community!


my dreaming, my future

Aboriginal Children's Day 2022


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As a lifelong Kutalayna/Jordan River community resident and a mother of three Aboriginal children, I've witnessed both the highs and lows that have come and gone in Bridgewater.  After my third child and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself overwhelmed and unable to leave my home for nearly two years.  


That is when Chloe reached out with a simple invitation to a coffee meeting where I was asked to join the Kutalayna Collective community group, and from that day forward, my life took a positive turn. My family and I have participated in numerous community events, meeting many new members whom I would have otherwise overlooked on the street. The fear that once confined me to my home has vanished, and I feel like my old self again.


Thanks to the Kutalayna Collective, my children are actively engaged in community activities and have made new friends. I'm thrilled to share that with the team’s support, my daughter will soon be starting a playgroup to engage in early years educational activities.

Nicki, Mother & Kutalayna Collective Member

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