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Connected Beginnings Lutruwita/Tasmania aims to increase the health, educational, developmental, and social outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 0-5 years to ensure every child is healthy and ready for the transition to school.

Connected Beginnings Lutruwita/Tasmania aims to provide Aboriginal children with every opportunity to thrive in their early years,

ensuring they are healthy and have a lifelong learning journey

Connected Beginnings Lutruwita/Tasmania program is delivered under an innovative Collective Impact framework that aims to elevate the Aboriginal community’s voice, support integrated service provision, advocate for culturally safe and appropriate services and facilitate positive actions to improve community outcomes.


The Connected Beginnings program focuses on ensuring that early childhood services all work together to help Aboriginal children and families use the services they need.


This place-based program demonstrates how community-driven change can be made within the new Closing the Gap partnership arrangements and how transformation can happen if all services have a shared vision, trust, and commitment to creating meaningful and lasting systems changes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children.​

Connected Beginnings Lutruwita/Tasmania is proudly supported by the

Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

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Kutalayna/Jordan River
Kanamaluka/River Tamar

​The Connected Beginnings Lutruwita/Tasmania program has three place-based sites.

These include: 

Kutalayna Collective 

Pataway Collective

Kanamaluka Collective

 Kutalayna Collective
Pataway Collective
 Kanamaluka Collective
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We understand the importance of the first 1,000 days which encompasses the period from conception until the child's second year of life.


Our aim is to support the community and services to understand and promote the long-term positive effects of providing culturally appropriate services to increase Aboriginal children's health and developmental outcomes during this critical time in a child's life.

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Kutalayna Health

We specialise in providing integrated, comprehensive and culturally safe healthcare, prioritising the holistic health and well-being of Aboriginal children and their families.


Contact your local Aboriginal Health service to book your free child and family's health appointment to see a healthcare professional.  


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We support Aboriginal families to access culturally safe early-year programs, learning centres, pregnancy & parenting programs and initiatives within your community.  We aim to empower families and children to thrive and receive the best foundation in their early years.

We host free and fun community activities and events for children and families so they can connect with community and engage with early-year services in a warm and informal setting.


We believe in the power of community! 

Our backbone team, collective partners, community & advisory groups work together to elevate the community voice to support

community-led change.

Using data to inform our work we collaborate with early-year services, government, non-government and philanthropic organisations to align a shared agenda and integrate services to ensure children have the best chance to reach developmental milestones before school.


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Connected Beginnings


collective Partners


Our Engagement Officers are happy to support you and your family to attend health and educational early-year services if required. 

Contact one of our friendly Engagement Officers and we can let you know how we can assist you and your family to get your Aboriginal child healthy & school ready.


Community is at the heart of everything we do!

We collaborate with early-year services and partners to host kipli & kani events (food & talk), to provide a fun and engaging place for children and families to play, learn, connect, enjoy a free lunch, and interact with services and other community members in a warm and inviting environment. 


Our kipli & kani events are open to all of the community, and we would love for you to join us at one of our monthly events!

Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with events in your community!

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Our Children,
Our Community,
Our Culture,
Our Collective Change


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It has been an amazing journey working with the Connected Beginnings team in Kutalayna/Jordan River. 


Working within this amazing program with the guidance of the community has ensured that we have a shared and culturally aware approach to breaking down barriers for families who may be reluctant or find it difficult to access dental care or preventive messages.


Listening to the community's needs has helped our service provide a culturally safe and supported ‘warm referral’ for Aboriginal children in the  Kutalyana/Jordan River community

Jenny Mckibben, Oral Health Promotion Coordinator - Oral Health Services Tasmania

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