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kutalayna Mental Health Action Plan

The Mental health Action Team worked together in 2020 to explore how will could build social and emotional wellbeing to improve mental health outcomes for children aged 12-16 years in the Jordan River​ community.

Out of this work came the Mental Health action plan for Jordan River. This work is currently moving into the implementation phase. If you would like to get involved in driving this work further please use the link below.

Our Recommendations


Developing an aligned approach across schools, services & GPs


Education and tailored communication for parents


Opportunity for  participation young people and their families


Transition pathway from primary to high school

We believe that working together across our community and taking practical action towards building social and emotional wellbeing for young people aged 12 – 16 years of age will improve mental health outcomes in their later years.

Taking a whole of community preventative approach will provide young people with a united support network that fosters participation in structured leisure activities, cultivates strong relationships and understanding with parents building resilience within a healthy liveable and connected community.

We want to take a practical approach to the issues that impact the health and wellbeing of our young people. The Jordan River community has a wealth of good examples and role models to learn from and work with.

In developing our approach, we relied on global research findings and recognised SEWB frameworks within Australia as well as our own local observations and conversations with community to identify the individual and societal factors that contribute to a young persons ability to feel safe, supported and well.

Based on the literature, and informed by our own work and experience, a whole of community preventative approach was designed.


This approach aims to demonstrate the multiple factors that contribute to a young persons emotional wellbeing and addresses theory driven intervention to promote, facilitate and strengthen practices across the many domains of a young persons ecosystem.

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