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Kindness in

Kindness in kutalayna

A Community Led Project

Using art to highlight all the great people, places and things in this community

This community led project is part of our change the narrative work.


Kindness in kutalayna aims to shine a light on the many positive places, people and stories in this community.
Up-skill local students to engage in these stories build and understanding of changing the narrative and how they can contribute.

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Gather positive
stories from community
in a different spaces and venues across the community

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Layer 26-2.png

Talented young local students. They turn into individual artworks.

These gradually create
a larger artwork of pride in kutalayna that can be exhibited in the community.

Come and see us down at Bond Place on a Thursday!

We set up at Bond Place Sessions. Held fortnightly on a Thursday from 1:00 - 3:30. Check out the calendar on the Community page for information about the Bond Place Sessions.

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