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Connected Beginnings 


Our Children, 
Our Culture,
Our Collective Change.

connected beginnings


Connected Beginnings, lutruwita/Tasmania, aims to improve health, educational, developmental, and social outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 0-5 years to ensure every child is ready for the transition to school.

The Connected Beginnings program is delivered under an innovative Collective Impact framework that aims to elevate the Aboriginal community’s voice, support integrated service provision, advocate for culturally safe and appropriate services and facilitate positive actions to improve community outcomes.

This place-based program demonstrates how community-driven change can be made within the new Closing the Gap partnership arrangements and how transformation can happen if all services have a shared vision, trust, and commitment to creating meaningful and lasting systems changes for Aboriginal children.

The Connected Beginnings lutruwita program has three place-based sites; these include: 

  • kutalayna Collective 

  • pataway Collective 

  • kanamaluka Collective 

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kutalayna Collective

Kutalayna Collective.png
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