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kutalayna Collective Impact

The kutalayna Collective is working in the kutalayna/Jordan River area of lutruwita/Tasmania. 

The three key out comes that the initiative is focused on are:

  • To ensure that Aboriginal children living in the area, aged 0-5, get the very best start to life and are ready for school, and to create longstanding social change within the community as a whole to break the cycle and help our children achieve.   

  • To continually build on the strengths within kutalayna  to create and maintain a strong sustainable community.

  • To ensure that the young people of kutalayna/Jordan River reach year 12 or equivalent. We wish to see these young people transition into meaningful work, further education, or training beyond school

About the

The kutalayna Collective is a collective impact initiative contributing to positive change in the areas of 


It is place-based work that has emerged from issues and opportunities identified in the kutalayna community and engages a  large group of cross-sector stakeholders through working groups and community projects.


The kutalayna Collective has a backbone team made up of project manager with Deep Collective impact experience, a project officer with a background in early education and a community engagement project worker.


The collective impact initiative is funded by Connected Beginnings, implemented by the Australian Government, Department of Education, Skills and Employment. kutalayna is one of 19 connected beginnings funded communities across Australia. Connected Beginnings aims to close the gap in school readiness and education outcomes between First Nations children and non-Indigenous children taking a whole of community Collective Impact approach.

Working Differently

We are working to together in different ways to join the dots and achieve the change that the kutalayna community is seeking. Our initiative relies on the diverse experience, skills and networks of community members, young people, local services, business and government to drive this change. Our work is informed and driven by the voice of community, data, evidence and our own experience to deliver measurable outcomes. 

Collective Impact is an internationally recognised way of working to create place based longstanding social change. It is a long term process that encourages the culmination of community leadership, connected and collaborative service provision, relationships between community and their local businesses and the support of government and philanthropists.  

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Our theory of Change

If we believe that kutalayna is unique and our community requires unique solutions and support for our young people to thrive...

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And we begin by focusing on community
priorities as to what matters most for them:

  • Sustainable community standing strong

  • Community culture and pride

  • Aboriginal children and their families

  • Meaningful pathways to learning and employment

  • Whole of community wellbeing

  • Services working together

Our Collective Plan

Our Collective Plan was built in 2020 using the 450 voices from community that had been collected, the lived experience of the kutalayna Collective Table and local data.

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